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We have moved to Etsy! It was originally a temporary move, but we find they they offer a bit more reliability and better shipping rates than we can provide independently. Please check out all our items at:



NEWS: After over a decade of offering the most practical, best designed historical weapons bag available, we're sad to say, we've SLOD OUR LAST BAG! It's been a great time, making friends all around the world and furthering historical fencing. But we've sold our last one, and have no immediate plans for more (which is not to say we may not bring out a new model sometime in the distant future). 

Currently, we're offering a great line of T-shirts, hoodies, mugs and other items with both historical and modern fencing related art, and are working on new products and new designs. you can find them on our Etsy store. Please click on the link and check them out! They make great gifts for your friends and yourself!

Note: we still have a batch of bags that did not meet our quality standards, which we're selling AS IS on eBayvery inexpensively. Check the listing for details:


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